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Welcome to LPSS

We welcome you and your child to the Lafayette Parish School System (LPSS). If you have any questions about enrolling, click here for answers to the most frequently asked questions. You can also call the Child Welfare and Attendance office of LPSS at 337-521-7090.

School staff will only be available by phone and appointment only until June 5, 2020, then schools will be closed for the summer. Staff will resume services on July 31, 2020.

Registration will occur at the student's zoned school.  Be sure to contact the school directly to determine their summer hours and for Summer 2020, read the new process that includes direct email contacts for each school during the time that campuses are closed to the public.

Due to COVID-19, beginning in May 2020, LPSS has enacted new processes and procedures for the withdrawal, transfer, or enrollment of a student. The goal is to modify the existing process to limit exposure & practice social distancing.

View New COVID-19 Process Here

During the summer, any questions regarding this process can be sent to


Student Attendance Zone

Early Childhood Pre-K Online Enrollment

Kindergarten Registration

New Student Online Registration Grades 1-12

New Student (Printed) Registration Packet English  |  Arabic  | Chinese | Spanish

In-Parish Transfer Student Registration Packet Grades 1-12

Documents to Bring to Registration

Release of Information




Student Attendance Zone

What Zone do you live in?
To see what school your child is zoned for, click on the “Finds Schools” link below and enter you full address.

Find Schools


Click here to Start your MySchoolApps online application for school meal benefits.

Meal Benefit application forms can also be picked up at any school.



Early Childhood Pre-K Online Enrollment

Early Childhood has a Pre-K enrollment process: First, apply on line for Pre-K by using the following website:  Once Early Childhood has received your online application, you will be NOTIFIED BY EMAIL when and where to register your child for Pre-K.

REQUIREMENTS: 4 years old on or before September 30th of the registering school year and reside in Lafayette Parish.

MUST HAVE THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENTS FOR REGISTRATION: 1 Child’s original birth certificate, 2 up-to-date State of Louisiana Universal Certificate of Immunization records, 3 social security card, 4 parents’ proof of income (2 consecutive pay stubs, SSI/Disability, Café SNAP benefits, Court-Ordered child support, Letter from Employer when receiving cash payments, etc.), AND 5 proof of residence (electric, water or gas bill in parent’s name).  If a family is residing in someone else’s residence, they will need the following information:  a utility bill of the owner of the domicile (home), a notarized statement stating the family lives with them signed by the person whose name is on the utility receipt (Verification of Residence Form), and disconnect receipt from previous address or a State or Federal government document that validates the extended address.

CONTACT: 337-521-7162 or 337-521-7134       Click Here For Early Childhood




Kindergarten Registration
REQUIREMENTS: 5 years old on or before September 30, 2020 for the 2020-2021 school year.  Reside in neighborhood zone.
Online Kindergarten Registration




New Student Online Registration Grades 1-12

If your child is a NEW 1-12 student, that is not currently enrolled in any school in the Lafayette Parish School System, you may begin the registration process by clicking here.

If needed, the New Student Registration Packet can be downloaded and printed from the LPSS website. It includes a list of required documents .

If you are applying to a school other than your zone school, do not use the online registration portal.  Instead, report directly to (or call during the summer or during COVID-19) the out of zone school with approval documentation for processing.

Locate your zoned school here.

If English is not the student’s primary language, please contact the district ESL (English as a Second Language) office at (337) 521-7130 before proceeding with registration.

*Reminder: View New COVID-19 Process Here



In-Parish Transfer Student Registration Packet Grades 1-12

Enrollment Process:

Complete form titled “Student Transferring within District Registration Packet” here which contains the list of required documents such as current proof of address.

*Note: Students automatically roll over from grade level to grade level and from elementary school to middle school and from middle school to high school (aside from DTSMA middle to high school). There is no need to complete registration paperwork.

*Reminder: View New COVID-19 Process Here