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LPSS Staff Prepares Community Outreach Program to Discuss Upcoming Tax Proposition

At its February 15th meeting Lafayette Parish School Board members will consider moving forward with a tax proposition to update facilities and replace temporary classroom buildings with permanent structures. Pending the outcome of the February 15th vote, Superintendent Dr. Donald Aguillard and staff are planning to conduct a community outreach campaign to spread awareness about the upcoming tax proposition. The meetings would take place in schools across the district so that parents and community members would have the opportunity to attend a meeting in their feeder zone.

Should the tax proposition move forward, School Board members and the superintendent will also wish to engage the community in a dialogue in an effort to create an awareness of the needs of the school system and its plan for moving forward.

Any community group wishing to schedule a meeting with School Board members or the superintendent to discuss the tax proposal should contact Dr. Aguillard’s office at 521-7014 or 521- 7015.

Likewise, any community members wishing to assist the school system and engage in efforts to educate the public about the tax proposition are also asked to contact Dr. Aguillard’s office.