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State-Certified World Language Immersion Schools

The Louisiana Department of Education and the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education have recognized four Lafayette Parish public schools as State-Certified World Language Immersion Schools, based on overall excellence in offering high quality, highly effective world language immersion learning and teaching. Myrtle Place Elementary, Evangeline Elementary, Alice Boucher Elementary, and Lafayette High School have consistently adhered to guidelines governing the time of daily instruction in the immersion language, protection of the written and oral forms of the immersion language, employment of teachers who possess native-like fluency, offering of professional development on best practices for immersion language, and the creation of written policies that enhance the immersion learning and teaching. These schools set a standard of excellence for all immersion schools striving for the highest level of achievement in academics and in the acquisition of an immersion language and the increased enhancement of English. The four schools will receive the BESE seal of excellence to affix to documents, school publications, and letters. State-certified status will be valid from June 2016 through September 2019 and will be posted on the LDOE website. This award is a testament to the extraordinary efforts of the educators and students.