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La School Readiness Tax Credits


ON TRACK by 5 Alliance (formerly Success by 5 AlIiance) is a Child Care Resource and Referral Agency (CCR&R) for early childhood services. ON TRACK by 5 Alliance is the local CCR&R Agency, contracted by the Louisiana Department of Education. The Agency operates within the Lafayette Parish School System, as a Division of the Early Childhood Department.


Growing a stronger Acadiana economy is dependent upon growing a stronger workforce for the future.
“Economic development starts at birth.”
Research indicates that a critical element in determining how successful a child will become, and our society as a whole, is directly related to quality care in early childhood – from birth to age five.

ON TRACK by 5 Alliance exists to ensure the improvement and advancement of high-quality programs in early childcare and education, thus predicating all children will enter kindergarten ready to succeed. ON TRACK by 5 Alliance is here to provide information, resources and education to Parents and Families on the importance of early care and education to ensure kindergarten readiness for all children. Child Care Centers and Providers receive the support and technical assistance of ON TRACK by 5 Alliance through coaching, intensive training and collaboration to ensure they have the essential knowledge necessary to provide high-quality early child care services.

In order for CCR&R Agencies, such as ON TRACK by 5 Alliance, to provide these vital services, the Louisiana Legislature (2007) passed a unique package of tax credits known as the, School Readiness Tax Credits (SRTC). In doing so, it established a Refundable State Tax Credit (dollar–for-dollar) for DONATIONS, up to $5000.00 made to a Louisiana Child Care Resource and Referral Agency by any BUSINESS. Such a tax credit allows for the business community to invest in the development of high-quality early child care programs. This tax credit provides the opportunity for a business to decide exactly where your tax dollars will be spent. Every DONATION made to ON TRACK by 5 Alliance, remains here in Lafayette Parish and is spent specifically towards the improvement of Early Childhood Education.

We as a community and society must become actively engaged in the efforts of ensuring every child is afforded the proper tools and programs needed to be prepared to succeed as they enter kindergarten. This can only be achieved through the collaborative efforts of Businesses, Employers and Child Care Providers all working together with Families to provide the best “birth to five “early child care services possible. INVEST IN THE FUTURE!!

For information on how to make your DONATION please can contact: Daniel Noel / Marketing Development Specialist / ON TRACK by 5 Alliance Email:  / Office: 337-521-8660 / Cell: 337-849-8660
Or visit