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FAQ - General Topics


Employee Updates

  • How do I update my name after a marriage/divorce?
    If you are certified, you will need your marriage certificate or divorce decree and a $25 check to update your teaching certificate with Henrietta.

If you are not certified, you will need to send in a copy of your marriage license or divorce decree stating you can return to your maiden name to Employee Services along with an employee change form.

  •  I’ve moved and need to change my address.
    You can change your address by logging into your Employee Service Portal .
  •  I’ve changed my last name, how do I update my email address?
    MIS will automatically receive a request to update your email address.  You will be notified via email once this process has been completed.



About the Parish

  • What is the composition of the LPSS student population and the average class size?
    Our racially diverse population of over 31,000 students comes from rural, suburban, and urban neighborhoods and communities. 


  • How many public schools are located in Lafayette Parish?
    We have 21 Elementary Schools, 11 Middle Schools, 9 High Schools.