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˜Following, you will find common employment related questions and their answers.

˜Do you have a program that pays back student loans?
  No, we don't. Nevertheless, certain federally guaranteed student loans are eligible for forgiveness if a teacher works in a
  Title I school. Please contact your universities financial aid office to obtain details and the appropriate forms.

˜Do you pay experienced teachers for their years of service?
  Yes, we pay for all full years of full-time (9 month)teaching.

˜Does LPSS reimburse new hires for moving cost?
  We do not reimburse new hires for any related moving expenses.

˜How often are teachers paid?
  Our teachers are paid monthly, at the end of each month. All teachers are paid on a 12 - month pay schedule.

˜What is your starting teacher salary?
  View our Salary Schedule to see.

˜When can a teacher hired for the new school year expect her/his first paycheck?
  Teachers whose new hire paperwork is completed NO LATER THAN August 1 can receive a partial paycheck at the end of August; the first full paycheck is cut at the end of September.