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Suspension Appeal 

In accordance with Policy File JDD: Student Suspension and Expulsion - A parent may appeal the suspension of their child. The following procedures should be followed for suspension appeals.

Suspension Appeal Procedures:

1. Should parent wish to appeal the suspension (out of school only, other disciplinary assignments may not be appealed) of their child they should first speak with the building principal.
2. Should the parent be dissatisfied with the building principal’s decision regarding the suspension they may file an appeal with the Child Welfare and Attendance Office by calling 521-7089.
3. A suspension hearing will be arranged by the Child Welfare and Attendance Office at the school site. The parent and  school will be notified of the date and time of the hearing.
4. A student who is appealing his/her suspension may return to school without serving the suspension unless the student is a danger to himself or others. The school principal will decide this matter. In the case of fighting, students may not return to school until their appeal is heard or the term of the suspension has ended (see JDH-R: Regulations for Administering Discipline for Fighting and/or Endangering Behavior).
5. Should the student’s suspension be modified or rescinded in the disciplinary hearing, he/she would be allowed to make up any work missed.
6. Should the suspension be upheld, the student will immediately begin serving the suspension.

Documents the School Will Provide to the Hearing Officer:

• Copy of original state form for infraction
• Copy of any witness statements, other evidence
• Discipline history with comments