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SilverScript Employer Group Waiver Plan (EGWP)


Lafayette Parish School System Retirees,

It is a priority of the district to continue to provide you with dependable and affordable health and prescription coverages. We are pleased to announce that, effective January 1, 2021, all (Medicare-eligible) retirees, spouses and/or dependents will have a new prescription drug plan called SilverScript Employer PDP sponsored by Lafayette Parish School System (SilverScript).

What is SilverScript Employer PDP? An employer provided group Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan to include additional coverage provided by LPSS. The additional coverage will close the gap and offer more coverage than the standard Medicare Part D plan. The plan is offered by SilverScript® Insurance Company and affiliated with CVS Caremark®, our district’s current pharmacy benefit manager.

This prescription plan has been custom-tailored for LPSS retirees to ensure little, if any, change from your current plan. Here are a few things you will want to make note of:

  • Covered members (Medicare-eligible retirees, spouses and dependents) will have their own new ID cards / materials mailed to them.

  • Members that are not Medicare-eligible will continue to be covered on their current plan. There will be no changes for these members.

  •  No need to enroll in the SilverScript Employer PDP – you will be automatically enrolled. You may be contacted, via mail only, if additional information is needed to complete your enrollment (to confirm information, like your Medicare Beneficiary Identification Number or a physical street address)

The decision of the board to amend the current plan by moving to SilverScript will change the way LPSS funds prescription drug costs, resulting in seamless coverage for our retirees and a significant cost-savings to our district insurance plan.

What’s next? You will be receiving additional mailings with more detailed information about the SilverScript prescription plan from both LPSS and SilverScript between now and January 1, 2021.  Please read all information carefully and save it for your reference.


Please CLICK HERE  for a National Pharmacy Listing of the SilverScript primary plan.

Please CLICK HERE  for a Louisiana Pharmacy Listing of the SilverScript primary plan.

Please CLICK HERE  for SilverScript RX primary formulary drug listing

Please CLICK HERE  for the Opt Out Letter and FAQs for a member under the Basic Plan.

Please CLICK HERE  for Helpful Information about the SilverScript plan.
Please CLICK HERE for Introduction to SilverScript EGWP PDF
Please CLICK HERE for Request for Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage Determination

Please CLICK HERE for information on how to lower your SilverScript prescription drug cost.

Please CLICK HERE for instructions on requesting an IRMAA Part D reimbursement.
Please CLICK HERE for the IRMAA Part D LPSS internal reimbursement form.