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2018-2019 Winter Arts Competition

Thank you for your school’s participation in the LPSS Winter Arts Competition! Winners will be recognized in a special Board presentation. And the winners are…

School grades PreK- 5th

LSBA Exhibit: Ethan Cooper, Crawfish, JW Faulk Elem. (5th grader), D. Flores
2nd Place: River Medlin, Cajun Crawfish, JW James Elem. (5th grader), M. Segura
3rd Place: Jalana Solomon, Let the Good Times Roll, JW James Elem. (4th grader) M. Segura
Honorable Mention: Kenya Taylor, Alligator, JW Faulk Elem.  (3rd grader), D. Flores
Honorable Mention: Hyker Miller, Louisiana Fun House, JW Faulk Elem. (T 3rd grader), M. Segura

School grades, 6th – 8th


LSBA Exhibit: Collin Usie, Celebration, LJ Alleman Middle (7th grader), L. Badeaux
2nd Place: Cole Williamson, Louisiana Saturday Night, LJ Alleman Middle (8th grader), L. Badeaux
3rd Place: Jalyn Platt, Time is Fading, LJ Alleman Middle (7th grader), D. Hundley
Honorable Mention: Ava Manning, The Serene Swamp, Paul Breaux Middle (7th grader), P. Aaron
Honorable Mention: Adia Richard, Louisiana, LJ Alleman (8th grader), D. Hundley


School Grades, 9 -12


LSBA Exhibit:  Lilianna Badeaux, La Mardi Gras, Lafayette High School (12th grader), J. Landry
2nd Place: Brooks Ritter, Man’s Best Friend, Southside High (11th grader), K. Thibodeaux
3rd Place: Tanya Amador, Melting Pot, Comeaux High (12th grader), S. McCrocklin
Honorable Mention: Sara Meyers, La Mardi Gras, Lafayette High (12th grader), J. Landry
Honorable Mention: Alexandra Malcombe, Cathedral St. John, Lafayette High (12th grader), J. Landry

Art Expo Poster: Due to the 10th year Anniversary the Art Expo Poster will be represented by a PACE student.

We received many competitive entries from our schools, and the judging process was difficult. In recognition of each student’s hard work, we will showcase them during the month of January at central office. Each student will receive a certificate of participation with the artwork after the exhibit is completed. Thank you for your participation, and we look forward to seeing more of your students’ work in the future!