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Newsletter  :  Back To School Edition 2014


From the Superintendent...
Dr. Cooper
Whew...what a summer!  I want the children back!
Willie Nelson has some lyrics in one of his songs that go like this..."If you ever get to heaven boys it ain't cause you ain't done nothing wrong."  Now first off, don't get upset because the school superintendent has used what many would consider bad grammar.  Overlook that and focus on the message that Willie Nelson, a man who knows of what he speaks, is sending to all of us.  Even the best of people make mistakes, get knocked down, and get beaten up a little.  Read More

Louisiana Cohort Graduation Rate Continues To Increase

The Department of Education announced July 11, 2014, that Louisiana's four-year high school graduation rate increased for a third straight year, reaching 73.5 percent in 2013, a 1.2 percentage point increase from 2012 and a 12.2 percentage point increase since 2001. In the class of 2013 nearly 1,000 more students graduated than did in the class of 2012.

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Gold Star Recipient - July 2014  


Carrine Anderson is this month's selected nominee for the LPSS Gold Star of Excellence. After being in the classroom for many years, Carine joined the LPSS Transition Team this past school year. Just in one year, she distinguished herself as a top-notch advocate for Special Education students in Lafayette Parish.  

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LPSS Teachers first to earn Math Specialist Certification in the State 
Middle school teachers Heather Olson (Edgar Martin), Angela Boxie (Edgar Martin), Corissa Guidry (Paul Breaux), Lisa Sudduth (LJAlleman), Lerri Cockerll (DT STEM Academy), Natalie Davis (Milton Middle) and Josie Abington (Youngsville Middle) are among 13 middle school math teachers that have recently completed requirements to earn an Elementary Math Specialist certification. They are the first group in the state with this certification. Read More