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Thibodaux Career and Technical High School



in order to maintain a safe and effective learning environment for students and teachers at DTSMA, we are going to use the cell phone policy listed below. Students must turn phones off from the time the bell rings in the morning at 6:45 until classes end at 2:06. Confiscated phones must be picked up by a parent or guardian.

1st  Offense:  5 Day Confiscation

2nd Offense:  30 Day Confiscation

3rd Offense:  Remainder of Year Confiscation

  • Students’ cell phones must be turned off unless a teacher gives a specific classroom activity for them to complete during class.  After the activity is complete, the teacher will remind students to turn the device off again.

  • Students should not be wearing headphones or earbuds unless they are using them for a specific classroom activity.  After the activity is complete, students must save their headphones or earbuds in their book bags. When teachers allow students to use their cell phones for academic activities, the teacher will assume the responsibility that student use of the device is appropriate and has academic merit.

  • Students are not allowed to charge their cell phones on campus. Students who use their phones to communicate with their parents on a daily basis need to take extra precaution to make sure their phones are not confiscated.  Confiscated phones will not be checked in and out of the office.  Parents can only pick up phones on the designated day.

  • If a phone is visible or sounds any type of alert, the phone will be collected and brought to the front office.  Students who refuse to turn in their cell phone to the adult will be suspended for a minimum of two days, and the phone will still be collected.

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