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Newsletter  :  April 2013

From the Superintendent.. 
The staff and some board and community members have spent a year struggling through to make progress in the school system.  We were all swimming uphill as it has
been an ugly "perfect storm" in many ways, a perfect storm that is made up of on-going budget cuts and revenue reductions, onerous new state legislation, LaDoE regulation implementation pains, a new curriculum, stress from a new evaluation system, ever-changing rules for determining school and district letter grades, facility problems, an already mistrustful public, and not least, a new superintendent who has a new philosophy on how a school district should be administered.  I think all of us want good things for our children, but to get agreement and unanimity in this environment is terribly difficult.  Hence, the tension and rough sledding we have been experiencing.  

Make no mistake.  I know from experience that we can turn things around; however, just using my 42 years of experience watching school districts and cities go through the machinations (against incredible odds) of trying to produce in the public schools the kinds of young people who can carry on to be capable productive adults, I believe Lafayette is in a precarious position at present.  Read More