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Newsletter  :  February 2013

From the Superintendent. .. 
Welcome to the first edition of the new LPSS E-Newsletter. I will use this medium to provide you with information about what is being considered, what needs to be addressed....Read More

Time and Cost Saving Idea for Healthy Lunches

At Live Oak Elementary, groups of five employees combine to make "salad clubs".  Participants have a labeled, plastic, lidded bowl. Each day one person is designated as.... Read  More  

Immersion Taskforce 

In August 2012, Dr. Pat Cooper ordered the creation of an Immersion Taskforce to study the expansion of the district's successful immersion pathways.The Immersion Taskforce is spearheaded by three, French-speaking school board members and two French-speaking...... Read More

Frequently Asked Tax and Tax Filing Questions

Every New Year, we are given a chance to reflect on the year prior; however, this may not always be in the nostalgic sense. To help avoid any of the headaches brought on by Uncle Sam, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions you may encounter while preparing last..... Read More