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Thibodaux Career and Technical High School

Thank you for your interest in the PTC….



We could not do it without them…

The PTC Officers:

President - Shannon Marks

Communications - Tamika Caruso & Debbie Chaney

Teacher Appreciation- Barbara Alleman

Beautification- Tiffany King

Fundraising - Lana Brodaz-Nezat and Denise Sinanan


Meetings are held on Wednesdays each month from 6:00pm- 7:00 pm in the cafeteria. We welcome you to come to a meeting and check it out!



Please check our website often to keep updated on what’s going on at your child’s school and how you can become a part of its success.  We have the following four committees of special interest to the school listed below.  If you see an area that you feel you can contribute, we’d love to hear from you.


COMMUNICATIONS:  This committee will aim to develop and maintain avenues to increase and optimize communication between school and home utilizing our school website, visual communication within the school and other mediums available for our use.  This committee’s main focus is to foster a school environment of well informed, active participants that lend to a family atmosphere for David Thibodaux STEM Magnet Academy.

FUNDRAISING:  Members of this committee will assist in school and PC sponsored fundraisers which includes a school spirit store.  All fundraisers will align with school efforts in order to help the entire student body.

GARDENING AND BEAUTIFICATION:  The main focus of this committee is to create a physical environment at and around the school that students, faculty and family can be proud of.  Ideas include, but are not limited to developing an outdoor lab for science classes, planting and maintaining a spring vegetable garden, participating in the Cleanest Campus Competition and more!

TEACHER AND STUDENT APPRECIATION: This committee is focused on creating opportunities to recognize the hard work of our teachers and our students.  It also will focus on creating systems for parent volunteer opportunities to assist teachers via making copies, helping with field trips, take home work and more.