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"Thank you, Ms. Dupre, for making a difference in my child, Matthew's, time here.  We really appreciate you, and will always remember the extra effort you gave to my child.  You are a wonderful teacher and person.  Thank you!" 

"Mrs. Gray, I would like to say thank you for working with Patrick.  He really has grown so much.  He enjoys music and you have done an awesome job!!" 

"Mrs. Hegger, thank you for making Matthew's year a great one.  You are his favorite teacher.  He says you are fun and he enjoys your math class.  Thank you for a great year!" 

 "Ms. Chustz, thank you for working with Patrick.  He really tries his best and at times he would get really frustrated.  I must say he has been through a lot but I am proud of him for all his efforts.  You are an awesome teacher that really cares.  Thanks a lot!"

"Thank you, Mrs. Spencer, for being a wonderful teacher and person.  You are on of a kind and will always be remembered.  You really made a difference in Mathew's life, not only education, but skills he will need in life.  Thank you for making him a better person.  We will always be grateful for teachers like you!" 

" Way to go JWJ Teachers and Students!  I brag about our school all the time to parents who have their kids in private school.  (Which I once did by the way.)  There is nowhere else they can learn and be exposed to so many types of arts." (From a parent congratulating us on our distinguished State Award)

 "Mrs. Sinegal was my son's teacher in the fifth grade.  He is now in the 8th.  Still, to this day, she is the only teacher that he still talks about.  She would always keep me informed on my son's progress and I feel that she has shown him that there are teachers that really do care.  I wish that there were more teachers like her - firm, but understanding." (From the parent of a former student) 

"Mrs. Strother, you were an awesome teacher.  You were also really nice to all of us.  I loved you as my teacher for first grade." (From a former student)

 "Mrs. Reyes is a wonderful teacher." (From the parents of a current student) 

"I just have to say that I am SO very, very pleased with this school!! I love the office staff-very personable, I love my sons teacher, and my son ALWAYS gushes over how much he enjoys being there. I feel incredibly fortunate that my son gets to experience such a positive learning enviroment. Thank you to everyone that keeps this school functioning!" (from our Facebook page) 

"Mrs. Alleman is very nice.  I like what we do in class.  Finally, I just like going to her class." (from a current student)

Mrs. Cantrell is one of the BEST teachers.  She is so good with the kids and it is very evident that she loves her job and the kids.  She always keeps me up to date on my son's progress and is always there to help out when there is something we need.  She is an A+ Teacher! (from the parent of a current student)

"Mrs. Reyes is an exceptional teacher.  She goes out of her way to help the children in her class.  She is teaching skills that will help the children throughout their lives.  She always takes time to update me about my child. (From a current student) 

Mrs. Cantrell, we miss you very much!  You left an imprint on our hearts.  Hang in their this year! (From a former student) 

Ms. Dupre, thanks for being so helpful with Katina and Ashley's school-based match!  Ashley (the volunteer) really enjoyed meeting you and visiting your class!  Thanks!  (from Leslie Haymark at Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Acadiana)

 Mrs. Strother, I'm in 4th grade now and I still remember some lessons that you taught me.  I love you so much and you were one of the best things that happened to me academically.  I thank you a bunch for that.  Love you lots! (from a former student) 

“My daughter is a current student of Mrs. Reyes.  Mrs. Reyes is a awesome teacher!  She is so helpful and truly cares about her children.  She is never too busy to let me know how my daughter is performing in class.  She offers me great advice on ways to help my child succeed.  Mrs. Reyes is an incredible teacher and I’m glad that my child is in her class.”

 “Ms.Guidry is a wonderful teacher.She makes learning fun and always lets us know how our kids are doing in class. My daughter loves her class. Anytime I have a question she is always available to talk. I think having good communication with parents is key to a successful class and students. Thank You Ms. Guidry for being such a great teacher and helping our kids get the best learning opportunity.”

“My husband and I would like to thank Amare's first grade teacher Ms. Sharon Thibodeaux for being such a patient, nurturing, and wonderful teacher. She always communicates with us to let us know what is going with Amare'. Ms. Thibodeaux we're so blessed to have you be apart of Amare's school experience; I just want to take the time to acknowledge you for all you do for your class! J WALLACE JAMES IS THE BEST SCHOOL HANDS DOWN!   KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!”

Mrs. Hicks is a very effective, passionate teacher.  My little one has learned more in 7 months than in her whole 6 years. “ (from the parent of a current student)

“My son has had a few delays and difficulties with learning.  Ms. Thibodeaux has gone above and beyond with helping him and I now see the improvements.  He is now more outgoing and getting better in his studies.  She always keeps me well informed and I can’t praise her enough!  She has made it where my son LOVES coming to school!  Thank you for all you do!”

Mrs. Briggs, you are a great drama teacher.  You opened my soul.  Thank you.” (from a current student)