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L Leo Judice

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HUGE Thank you to Dr. Carson @ Carson Veterinary Clinic for treating our turtle, Squirt, free of charge!!


      Classroom Pets





 Buddy is a 3 year old guinea
pig.  He likes to sleep and eat a lot!

                                  1st Grade




Picture Coming Soon! 
   Zoey is a Central American Wood Turtle
who loves to swim.  He loves to eat ground
meat & bananas.

                                  Second Grade




  Woody is our Central American
Woodland turtle.

                                                     Third Grade




 Picture Coming Soon!  

                                              Fourth Grade   


 Leo hiding out under his log. Look for his tail.
 Leo the "Long Lasting Gecko"
                                                                      Fifth Grade





 Minus (Blue Beta Fish) & Plus (Brown
Beta Fish).  The students named them
after math operations.

Columbus is a bearded dragon native to Australia.  He is named after the great explorer Christopher Columbus.
We also have 2 tiger barbs & 1 rainbow shark.

 Squirt is a 2 1/2 year old Wood Turtle.  She likes to be with Zoey (another Wood Turtle) in their pen, where they swim & eat.