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Student Educational Advantage Transfers

The Lafayette Parish School System offers a Student Educational Advantage Transfer (SEAT) Option.  The transfer program allows economically disadvantaged students (determined by their free or reduced lunch status) to transfer to a school where the percentage of free/reduced lunch students is less than their home zone school and the school performance score is higher than their home zone school. 

Transfers are encouraged within established Cluster Areas.  Students who transfer within their cluster areas will be provided transportation.  Out of cluster transfers may be approved but no transportation will be provided.  Additionally, a school's capacity will be considered when accepting transfer students.  Should multiple requests be made for a school with limited enrollment area, a lottery will be conducted.

Applications must be submitted to the Child Welfare and Attendance Office.  Parents should bring their proof of residence (utility bill), a picture ID, and the child's birth certificate to complete the application process.  Applications close the last working day of April each spring for the following school year.  Once a student is accepted for a SEAT Transfer to a selected school that transfer remains in effect until that child completes all grades at that school.  A new application must be submitted when a child moves from one school to the next (i.e.  Elementary to Middle School). 

The application form is provided below for your convenience. 

  2017-2018 SEAT Transfer Form