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What is PBIS?        

  • Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) provides a positive andeffective alternative to the traditional methods of discipline and gives teachers a new way to think about behavior.

  • PBIS methods are research-based and proven to significantly reduce the  occurrence of problem behaviors in school, resulting in a more positive school climate and increased academic performance, increase safety, decrease problem behavior, and establish positive school cultures.

  • PBIS advocates the use of positive behavior interventions and school-based disciplinary strategies that reduce or eliminate the need to use suspension and expulsion as disciplinary options

  • PBIS is based on correcting negative behaviors with positive rewards.


Role of PBIS - 

  • A well-managed classroom and school is the most proactive approach to maintaining appropriate student behavior in any school.


  • Clearly established rules must be taught to students, reinforced frequently and enforced consistently by all administration, faculty, and staff. Consequences for violations of the rules should be assigned to students quickly, fairly and consistently to have the greatest impact on changing the behavior of students. Positive reinforcement of correct behaviors exhibited by students also serves to impact the behaviors of all students


Cougar Cards-    

GOAL of Cougar cards is to stop negative behavior NOT to PUNISH


  • Each student will be issued a Cougar Card at the beginning of each 9 weeks and at progress reports. Students will keep Cougar Card on them at all times, along with their ID.


1st Infraction & 2nd Infraction

  • Document the students name, infraction, date and time. A parent contact must be made the same day the Cougar Card is signed.

3rd Infraction

  • When the 3rd teacher signs a students Cougar Card, the student will have Lunch Detention the following day.

4th Infraction and beyond are automatic long forms, parents will be contacted.


Remember: The GOAL of Cougar cards is to stop negative behavior NOT to

PUNISH. Acadian Middle is PROACTIVE.


Lunch Detention-

  • If a student is assigned lunch detention he/she will report to the detention teachers classroom when the bell rings for lunch (not the cafeteria).


  • The detention teacher will call roll, document, in binder given to them, date and type of infraction, then take the students to the restroom and then continue to the cafeteria after 15 minutes. These students will sit separately from the rest of the school population and not be allowed to attend outside recess.


Each student is only allowed one lunch detention every 4.5 weeks. A new Cougar

Card will be issued each 9 weeks and at progress reports.


Teachers will pick up all Cougar Cards that are free from signatures. These cards

will be placed in a drawing for a large prize (ex. Radio, gift card, lunch, etc.)


Cougar Coins

  • Each teacher will be given Cougar Coins (AMS wooden tokens). These coins will be used by students to purchase items they may need on campus. Students can purchase pencils, paper, candy, a restroom pass, a library pass, early to lunch pass, PE uniform rental, jean days, movie days, dances etc. throughout the school year. 


  • PBIS Day will be held every nine weeks and at progress reports. At this time, the students will receive new Cougar Cards. All students who have not received a long form or lunch detention will be treated to an afternoon recess and a surprise (ex. popcorn, popsicles, cookies, jeans, etc.). This recess will last approximately 15-20 minutes.