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Parent's Page


Dear Parents, 

The next SBLT-Teacher Subcommittee Meeting will be held in the library on Tuesday, February 27, 2018.
*** All are invited.  
The Lafayette Parish School Board would like your feedback regarding student pick up and drop off car line at your student's school. Please complete the survey by Tuesday, October 10. Please click on the link below to begin the survey. Thank you for your feedback.



Parents:Peanut free school

We have several students that are allergic to nuts; therefore, we will continue to be a peanut free school including all variety of nuts, almonds, pecans, etc. A letter was sent home to parents. The parent should sign and return the bottom portion. Parents, please remember this policy when planning for parties or celebrations.


Parents: Here are some helpful links that you may
need from the Lafayette Parish School Board.

 Visit for great fun!

Lafayette Parish Parent's page 
(find lots of information related to school on this page!)

Student/ Parent Handbook

Bus Information

Lafayette Parish School System's Grading Scale for 2017-2018 School Year











The State is offering online live tutors on from 2 pm to 10 pm Sundays through Thursdays from home or on a library computer.

Teaching Websites

 ELA Sites

1. Common Nouns and Proper Nouns Nouns
2. Adjectives What is an Adjective?
3. Adverbs Adverbs

More about Adverbs

4. Verbs Verbs
5. Different Genres of Literature Genres
6. Languages Spanish           French
7. Famous Authors Kids Konnect: Authors
8. Words in Sign LanguageSign Language Dictionary
Math Sites
9. Roman Numerals
Roman Numerals
10. The lines of symmetry for the capital letters in the alphabet Capital Letters Symmetry
11. Spell the numbers 1-20 Spelling Numbers
12. Famous Mathematicians List of Mathematicians

Skip Count Chart 

99 Practice Chart

14. Basic Addition FactsMath Practice Online

A+ Math Flashcards

15. Basic Subtraction FactsMath Practice Online

A+ Math Flashcards

16. Basic Multiplication FactsMath Practice Online

A+ Math Flashcards

17. Basic Division Facts
Math Practice Online

A+ Math Flashcards

Social Studies Sites
18. Continents 7 Continents and 4 Oceans

More about the Continents

19. Major World Countries Country Maps
20.  Major World Cities Capital Cities of the World
21. South American and Central American countries South American Map

Central America Map

22. Countries bordering the Pacific Ocean Country Maps
23. Important people in American History US History
24. Countries in Africa Africa Map Game
25. Countries in Europe Europe Map Quizzes

Europe Map Game

26. Countries in Asia Asia Map Game
27.  Major bodies of water World Atlas
28.  Native American tribes Native American Tribes
29. The 50 states and their capitals Homework Spot

States & Capitals Game

30.  50 states on a map Map of the US
31. Postal abbreviations for each of the 50 states USPS Page
32.  State symbols of Louisiana State Symbols & Emblems
33.  Parishes in Louisiana

Louisiana Parish List

Parishes on a Map

34. Explorers Zoom School Explorers
35.  1st-15th US Presidents in order Presidents of the USA

Kids Konnect: Presidents

36. 16th-30th US Presidents in order Presidents of the USA

Kids Konnect: Presidents

37. 31st-current US Presidents in order Presidents of the USA

Kids Konnect: Presidents

38.  The 13 Colonies 13 Colonies

13 Colonies Quiz

39. Mountains or Mountain Ranges Mountains
40. Famous Landmarks of the World   Famous World Landmarks
41. Symbols of America  American Symbols

Science Sites

42. Kinds of Fish Kids Konnect: Fish
43. Marine Creatures Kids Konnect: Aquariums
44. Birds State Birds

Kids Konnect: Birds

45. Reptiles Reptile Database
46. Dinosaurs Dinosaur Pictures

Kids Konnect: Dinosaurs

47. Amphibians Yahooligans: Amphibians
48. Facts about Magnets Fact Monster: Magnets

SchoolHouse Magnet Quiz

49. Rocks or Minerals Kids Konnect: Rocks and Minerals

Rock Hounds

50. Organs in the Human Body Tour of Human Body
51. Human Body Systems Virtual Body
52. Colors of the Rainbow
BrainPop: Watch a movie!
53.  Mammals All about Mammals
54. The Planets in our Solar System The 9 Planets
55. Stages of the Water Cycle Enchanted Learning: Water Cycle
56. Omnivores Omnivores

What is an Omnivore?

57. Herbivores What is a Herbivore?
58. Carnivores Carnivores

All about Carnivores

Review Games
* These games can be downloaded and edited to fit what you need.

$10,000 Pyramid - Science                            Hollywood Squares  

Jeopardy - Intergers                                  Jeopardy - Metric System

Jeopardy - Work Machines                            Tic-Tac-Toe Plants & Animals

The Weakest Link                                                                Who Wants to be a Millionaire

Graphic Organizers & Printables

Harcourt Education Place                              McGraw-Hill Science

TeacherVision                                           Math Worksheets 

edHelper                                                 freeology

Early Childhood Printables

Teaching Helpers

WebQuests                                              Power Points in different content areas

Power Points by Subject & Grade Level              Internet 4 Classrooms                                           United Streaming

brainPOP                                                  brainPOP Educators

brainPOP Jr.                                             Disney

Science bug                                              Extra Resources - Ed by Design