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Charlie: "Director of Motivational Programs"
                     @ L. Leo Judice Montessori Library                     


Charlie is a Silver Dapple Dachshund who is 4 1/2 yrs. old & weighs 15 lbs. He visits the library approximately 2 times per week.  Students who have parental permission to handle Charlie may do so under the supervision of the librarian. 

Charlie has the title of "Director of Motivational Programs" @ L. Leo Judice Elem.  He hosts 9-weeks reading celebrations.  Each student has the chance to attend if he/she meets his/her reading goal. 

All students learn how to care for Charlie.  They are learning how to practice self-control around Charlie in order for him to remain calm while visiting the library.

Photos of Charlie


                                                  Halloween - Firehouse Dog         Patriotic Ceremony

School of Choice Fair


                            "Santa Paws"                     Beach Day                  Against Bullying



Enjoying the sun @ recess                 After a hard day's work          Enjoying the students