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L Leo Judice

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L. Leo Judice’s Library Participates in the following Programs:

  • BoxTops 4 Education 
    Visit online at  Please sign up online & help us to earn more money ; it's totally free! Click "sign up now" at the top right on the Boxtops homepage
  • Community Coffee Cash for Schools 
    Visit online at 
  • Sunny D Labels- you may submit the entire Sunny D label with your other submissions.  Teachers will get books to enhance their classroom libraries with Sunny D labels.

                 Please keep your labels, clip them out, and submit them to the library.  Please make sure that you label the envelope or plastic storage bag with your child's name and teacher's name.  If they are not labeled, students will not get credit for them. 
                 Proceeds go to the library to purchase new library books and reading incentives for the students.

    If you know of someone who works for a business, please ask them to keep the labels for your child!  Thanks for all you do to support the Library!