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L Leo Judice

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L. Leo Judice Elementary Library






L. Leo Judice’s Web-based Library collection:
You can browse L. Leo Judice’s library collection from home.  To do so, click on the link below & select L. Leo Judice from the listing of elementary schools.

Click here to access L. Leo Judice’s Library Book Collection 


L. Leo Judice Elem. Library has 2 main goals:
  • Reading for Enjoyment    &
  • Gathering Information

A Special Note About Kindergarten
The Kindergarten students will visit the library each week for 30 minutes.  Kindergarten students come to us in the fall with a wide variety of experiences and backgrounds.  We have found that these students are best suited to begin checking out books after the 1st 9-weeks period.  It generally takes a semester to instill good library habits with these students.  After the 1st 9-weeks period, the Kindergarten students will begin checking out one book each week.

Students in Grades One Through Four
Students in grades 1-2 will visit the library weekly for 30 min. while 3rd & 4th visit for 45 min.  During this scheduled visit, students will be able to check out two books.  Books may be renewed if a student needs them for a longer period of time.  However, the student must bring the book in to renew it.  Also, students may put books on hold, so that if a particular book is checked out, it will be held for them when it is turned in.

5th Graders are on "flex" schedule & visit the library when the teacher schedules classes.


Students are not assessed fines for overdue books.  However, students are not allowed to check out books or renew books if they have an overdue library book.  Once the overdue library book is returned, then the student may continue checking out books.  Please assist us in helping your child be responsible for his or her library books.  Each student is responsible for any book (s) he or she checks out.