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Parent Responsibilities

Parents should be informed of and should understand their responsibility in working with the bus driver and school system personnel for the welfare and safety of their children. Also, emphasis should be placed on the problems involved with safe transportation and the extent of responsibility placed on bus drivers who are transporting their children.

Responsibility of Parents are as follows:

  1. Be familiar with and follow local board and school level policies for school bus transportation.
  2. Have children ready and at their designated pick-up points along the route.
  3. Cooperate with the school and bus driver in teaching children safety precautions and good manners and habits for school bus passengers.
  4. Assist when there are disciplinary problems.
  5. Avoid detaining the driver on the route.
  6. Avoid contacting drivers to change schedules, routes assignments, bus stops, etc. (If a problem arises, contact the principal or the Transportation Dept.)
  7. Assist the school district in monitoring safe access to passengers by keeping bus loading and unloading zones free of parked vehicles, trash or debris, by keeping vegetation trimmed, etc.

The information listed above was received from the Louisiana Department of Education: School Transportation Handbook, Bulletin 1191.