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The mission of the Lafayette Parish Dance Department is to provide each student with the skills needed to experience a lifetime love of music while stimulating creativity and critical thinking skills.


The Lafayette Parish Dance Department will encourage all students to achieve their greatest potential by:

Dance Curriculum Resources

Kindergarten Scope & Sequence

1st Grade Scope & Sequence

2nd Grade Scope & Sequence  

3rd Grade Scope & Sequence  

4th Grade Scope & Sequence  

5th Grade Scope & Sequence

6th-8th Grades Scope & Sequence 

9th-12th Grades Scope & Sequence 


LPSS Schools with Dance Programs

J Wallace James Elementary: Art Academy

L.J. Alleman Middle: Art Academy

Lafayette High: Art Academy



Resources for Elementary Dance

Louisiana Dance Standards



Dance Standards and Assessments

National Core Arts Standards: Dance               

National Dance Standard 1

National Dance Standard 2

National Dance Standard 3

National Dance Standard 4

National Dance Standard 5

National Dance Standard 6

National Dance Standard 7

National Dance Standard 8

National Dance Standard 9 

National Dance Standard 10

National Dance Standard 11


National Core Art Standards: Dance Cornerstone Assessments

Dance Cornerstone Assessment: Grade 2

Dance Cornerstone Assessment: Grade 5

Dance Cornerstone Assessment: Grade 8

Dance Cornerstone Assessment: High School - Proficient

Dance Cornerstone Assessment: High School - Accomplished

Dance Cornerstone Assessment: High School - Advanced