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Victor Leander Roy, Sr.

Victor Leander Roy Sr.

Victor Leander Roy, Sr., son of Leander Francois Roy and Adelaide Cailleteau, was born June 18, 1871 in Mansura, LA. He and his wife, Josephine Sanford, were the parents of five children:  Hubert Earl and John Overton who are deceased, and Lucille (Mrs. James Parkerson Caffery), Sanford, and Victor Leander, Jr.

Roy received the Bachelor of Science Degree from Louisiana State University in 1890.  At that time, the student body numbered approximately 70.  In 1894, he attended a summer session at the University of Chicago.  He later attended Tulane University where he received the Master of Arts Degree in 1925.

After graduating from Louisiana State University, Roy taught in Mansura and later became principal at Marksville High School.  In 1902, he was appointed to the faculty of the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette).

In 1904, Roy was appointed Superintendent of Education in Avoyelles Parish.  In August 1907, he was asked by the Lafayette Parish School Board to become Superintendent of Education in Lafayette Parish.  After refusing to leave Avoyelles Parish, he was asked by LPSS to work in both parishes.  An agreement was reached between the boards of both parishes whereby Roy alternated from one parish to another, spending a few days in each parish.  According to his son, V. L. Roy, Jr., Roy commuted back and forth using a horse and buggy.

In March 1908, the District Attorney of Avoyelles Parish informed Roy that it was illegal to hold dual office.  Feeling that the job created too great a burden on himself and his family, Roy resigned as Superintendent in Lafayette Parish.

Roy continued to serve as Superintendent of Avoyelles Parish until 1901.   During his term as Superintendent, he organized the first parish-wide Boy's Corn Club.  In recognition of his work, he became the first state agricultural agent stationed at Louisiana State University.  He became a collaborator with Dr. Seaman A. Knapp, of Lake Charles, recognized nationally as the founder of the Cooperative Extension Service, and with Dr. Knapp, attended a Washington conference which lead to the creation of the 4-H Club organization of young people.

He became President of State Normal College in 1911, where he remained until 1929.  In 1929, he returned to Louisiana State University as Bursar and served in that capacity until 1934.  He then served two years as assistant to William B. Hatcher, the National Youth Administrator for Louisiana.

Roy retired in 1936 after 46 years of public service.  He died in 1948 in Denham.

Dr. N.P. Moss was President of the Lafayette Parish School Board during Roy's tenure.