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Expulsion Appeal

In accordance with RS17:416 and Lafayette Parish School Board Policy File: JDD, you may request an appeal of the decision made at your child's expulsion hearing. Your appeal must be in writing and directed to:

Lafayette Parish School Board
P.O. Box 2158
Lafayette, LA 70502

Please complete the form below and submit to the Child Welfare & Attendance office.

  Appeal of Expulsion Decision Form

The Lafayette Parish School Board will schedule a hearing to review your child's case and make a determination to either modify, uphold or reverse the decision of the hearing officer. The appeal process may take between two and six weeks. The Lafayette Parish School System recommends that you begin the process of application to alternative programs. Your child may not return to his/her base school unless the Superintendent makes such a decision.

Failure to enroll in the alternative program in the time alloted will result in your child being permanently expelled from the Lafayette Parish School System. In accordance with RS17:416A3e, "A pupil who is suspended or expelled shall receive no credit for school work missed while he is suspended or expelled." Additionally, RS17:416B3ai states, "No student who has been expelled pursuant to the provisions of this section shall be admitted to any public school in any other parish or city school system in the state except upon the review and approval of the school board of the school system to which he seeks admittance."  

  Information for Parents About Expulsion Hearings