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LPSS Update 7-28-20 Bell Schedule & LOA

Last week, all LPSS administrators attended the annual administrative conference held at Southside High School and Billeaud Elementary School in order to kick off the new academic year. Administrators received training from the district and are reporting to their respective campuses this week. This year the focus of the training included how to reopen school safely, safety protocols and processes for staff and students such as temperature checks and social distancing, new cleaning and sanitation requirements, and revisions to bell schedules to adjust for transportation capacity restrictions.

This week, administrators will be finalizing details for the reopening of their individual schools so that they can welcome teachers back to campuses next Wednesday, August 5, to begin their training and receive further details on the upcoming school year. High school counselors, pupil appraisal team leaders, master teachers, IEP facilitators, and child nutrition area supervisors have begun reporting to campus according to their specific start dates and are already working on new procedures related to their specific role.

Bell Schedule

LPSS wants to respect the amount of time that students, teachers and staff are on campus, but must also balance the finite number of buses the district has available to transport students at a 50% capacity per the state guidelines of Phase 2. Buses will have to run double loads in some instances to adjust to this requirement thereby causing the district to adjust bell schedules. The new bell schedules for each school can be viewed here. In addition the early arrival time and late bus pick-up times on campus are noted so that families can begin coordinating their schedules.

The change in bell schedule will not affect the instructional minutes requirement for students, as the requirement can be met through face-to-face instruction or through distance- learning models.


First Day of School

As a reminder, the first day of school is Monday, August 17 and will start in Phase 2 blended model of learning with students reporting to school on A/B days, alternating between in-school and distance-learning models. A/B days are determined by home address. Learn more here. Families with questions about which days to report to school are to contact their individual school.


State Phase of Reopening

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Max Group Size

10, including adult

25, including adult

50, including adult


Students may meet in small groups of no more than 9 students per teacher

Students may meet in small groups of no more than 24 students per teacher

Regular student-teacher ratio

Learning Model

Distance Learning


Blended Learning

(A/B Days)

Traditional Learning



Lafayette Online Academy Option Compared to Phase 1 Distance Learning

While the district is planning to begin school in Phase 2 (blended/hybrid approach), parents/guardians also have the option of enrolling their student in the Lafayette Online Academy (LOA), full-time online learning for K-12. The deadline for registration is next Monday, August 3 at 4:30 p.m..

Should a transition to Phase 1 become necessary (100% distance learning), LPSS wants families to understand that the learning model is different than a student who enrolls in Lafayette Online Academy (LOA). The following chart outlines the difference between the two models.



Lafayette Online Academy

Phase 1

Distance Learning

Instruction Delivery

Online learning utilizing a pre-recorded video and question/ response program called Edgenuity.


NOT virtual learning with a local teacher.

Distance Learning  - LPSS degreed/certified teacher from student’s base school would educate student online or through paper assignments

Teacher assistance

Online teachers are available through scheduled video conferencing.



In addition to daily instruction being delivered by the teacher, appointments can be made during set times to address individual needs.


Attendance is time stamped and monitored by LPSS.


Attendance will be taken during distance learning days and will also be monitored through coursework assignments.


Please be aware that once you register your student for LOA, they must remain with LOA for the entire semester (the first half of the school year) at which point they may opt to continue or return to in-classroom instruction dependent on whichever stage the school system is in at that point in time. For extenuating circumstances, exceptions may be considered by the district placement committee.

To learn more, vist the LOA website.


20-21 Learn Lafayette Reopening Plan - Revision

Face Coverings

● Initially, face coverings for students in grades PK-2 were recommended, but are now required upon arrival, upon dismissal, and during daily transitions on the school campus.

● Face coverings are required for all students boarding buses, riding buses, waiting in the car rider line for afternoon pickups and for car riders exiting vehicles during morning drop offs.

● Read more here.

We will continue to be in communication with you as we have new information to share, and please also visit for the latest updates, as we are also continually updating the information on the site.

Thank you for your patience as we work diligently to ensure that LPSS students receive the high-quality education that they all deserve in the safest environment possible.