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Important Reminders for Students & Parents

LPSS Students and Families:

We hope all of you enjoyed a peaceful and safe spring break. Our educators are continuing their support of students during extended school closures, and we want to encourage students to access the many learning resources that are available.

Teachers will continue to communicate weekly with students/parents to support at-home learning, as well as provide feedback. School leaders and teachers remain responsive to emails daily, so parents are to reach out via email with questions. Email addresses can be found here,

Important Information for Seniors and Graduating Juniors

Graduating Seniors and Juniors Guidance Slide Deck

Graduating Seniors and Juniors Guidance Narrated Video of Slide Deck…

Graduating Seniors and Juniors Guidance Transcript of Information…

Important Information for all LPSS Students

Google Classroom/Weekly Communication
Students are encouraged to log on to his/her google classroom. All teachers have set-up google classrooms and students can benefit greatly by participating in the weekly learning activities posted. Teachers will continue to post at least three learning activities weekly and will contact students/parents weekly to provide feedback and support. Anyone uncertain about how to access a teacher’s google classroom can reach out directly to the teacher, School Directory Teacher communication may be via telephone, zoom, google classrooms, etc.

In addition to the learning activities posted in google classrooms, the following at home learning resources are available. Although optional, these resources are aligned to major learning at each grade level and can be impactful for all learners.

Every week a new model lesson will be uploaded for each grade level in Math, English Language Arts/Reading, Science, and Social Studies.These lessons are focused on "major learning" to which students have already been exposed and will need to master in order to gain the prerequisite knowledge for the future. Consider these building blocks.These lessons offer additional practice on essential skills and standards that your student will need moving forward.

LPSS Resources
Additional learning resources and other important information can be found here.

Learn United
In partnership with AOC Community Media and sponsored by Cox Communications, United Way of Acadiana is leading an effort to bring more educational opportunities into the homes of Acadiana's children. The organizations have partnered to cablecast educational programming on AOC's channels and their digital platform, beginning immediately. The partnership, Learn United, also includes Lafayette Parish School System, Lafayette Education Foundation, Lafayette Parents for Education, Love Our Schools, LUS Fiber, CGI, and Acadiana Center for the Arts who have come together to deliver quality educational programming in an easy to access format. Visit the Learn United website for information regarding programming and lessons.

Louisiana Public Broadcasting
In an effort to ensure limited disruption to Louisiana students' education due to public school closures, Louisiana Public Broadcasting (LPB) in partnership with the Louisiana Department of Education and in collaboration with PBS stations nationwide have announced a plan to provide teachers, parents, caregivers, and students with resources to continue learning at home.

Academic Resources for Parents
Additional resources and guidance for parents and students