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2020 Graduation Dress Code Update

Due to graduation ceremonies moving to an outdoor venue, the following exceptions and changes to previous graduation specific dress code requirements have been made should a student choose to deviate from the previously stated graduation dress code. All grooming guidelines are still in effect and all graduation attire must be worn (caps, gowns, hoods, etc.) upon entrance of Cajun Field.

  • Light, breathable clothes
  • Shorts are allowed for males and females
  • Due to potential damage to the artificial turf on UL Lafayette’s football field, students are not allowed to wear shoes with a heel. Students wearing heels will not be allowed to walk.
  • Students are only allowed to wear tennis shoes, flat shoes, or wedges.

Students are reminded that although the following graduation dress code exceptions have been made, that all attire must be school appropriate. Any deviations from the graduation dress code requirements must follow the dress code as laid out in the student handbook in the following bullets:

  • FIT: A student’s clothing should not be excessively tight or excessively large. Clothing should fit appropriately and be worn without exposing undergarments. Clothing should have no exaggerated fit. Slacks and shorts must fit at the waist. Clothes so small that mid-drifts are exposed is not allowed.
  • STYLE: A student’s clothing should be free from holes, frayed edges, or tears. They should not be see-through.
  • CONTENT: No clothing should contain anything that would be offensive in nature to any population of students. Any combination of clothing and jewelry that law enforcement agencies currently consider gang-related are not permitted. Discriminatory, obscene or drug/alcohol related emblems, insignia, jewelry, signs, speech or literature that is discriminatory, inflammatory or derogatory toward any sex, race, nationality, creed, political or philosophical group, is obscene or contains profanity, or makes reference to drugs, alcohol and/or tobacco are not permitted.