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Comeaux High School Speech and Debate Team has a Historically Huge Victory in Atlanta

OCHS team has more finalists than any school, in addition to having the only student to ever win four total championship Silver Key Awards in the 65-year history of event

Over this past weekend, the Comeaux High School Speech Team brought 11 varsity members to compete at the Barkley Forum for High Schools Tournament at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. The tournament is one of the oldest and most prestigious speech and debate national invitationals in the country. With over 200 schools from across 35 states, the 65-year-old competition is a showcase of the best of the best. Since the tournament is hosted by a university, there are no school sweepstakes awards. Instead, the students compete for individual success and a chance to join the Barkley Forum Silver Key Society of Champions while representing their schools. Each event starts with approximately 100 students who must qualify by their success record this year and compete until they reach the top 6, which is considered finals.
“I am beyond proud of these students,” says Jacob Simon, Speech & Debate Coach and Theater Instructor of Ovey Comeaux High School, “ They spend afternoons practicing until 7pm most days and countless weekends competing across the state and country, representing Comeaux High School.  They use their voices and performances to spread messages of hope. I am humbled to be able to call myself their coach and provide them with a means to reach their full potential.”
Comeaux High School  broke records this weekend, having ten finalists - more finalists than any school in the 65-year history! The team continued by having the most finalist in one event (four out of the six Duo finalists) and senior Rashon Leday added two more championship plaques to the two championship plaques he won last year - being the only student in Barkley Forum to win four total championship Silver Key Awards. Results are as follows:

Quarter-finalists: (top 24)
Damari Padilla in Original Oratory
Tori Lalonde in Dramatic Interpretation
Finalists (top 6) and placing:
In Original Oratory: Amiah Richardson  3rd place & Presley Nutter - 2nd place and Reserve Silver Key recipient
In Humorous: Del Gonzales - 2nd place
In Dramatic Interpretation: Jacob Foster - CHAMPION and Silver Key recipient
In Program Oral Interpretation: Taylor Mier - 3rd place &  Rashon Leday - CHAMPION and Silver Key recipient
In Duo Interpretation: Amiah Richardson & Damari Padil l- 5th place,  Tori Lalonde & Del Gonzales - 4th place,  Jazmin Rodriguez & Taylor Mier - 2nd Place and Reserve Silver Key recipients,  Jacob Foster & Rashon Leday - Champions and Silver Key recipients

Comeaux High School School is First School Outside of Texas To Win Winston Churchill Speech and Debate Tournament

The Comeaux Speech Team traveled to San Antonio, Texas to compete at the Winston Churchill Speech and Debate Tournament. There were over 100 schools from across the South in attendance competing in 13 different events. Each event started with approximately 75-100 students. Comeaux Speech team took 12 varsity members to compete. Out of the 100 schools from across the South, Comeaux High School  won 1st place team sweepstakes award and were named the 2020 Winston Churchill Speech and Debate Tournament champions!
Comeaux High School  is also the first school ever outside of Texas to win this tournament. With only 12 students, Comeaux had double the amount of finalists of any other school, and won first place over the second place team of St. Mary’s Hall from Texas (who had more than double the amount of students competing) by an over 100 point margin.   
Individual Results are as follows:
Semi-finalists (top 24 students in event):
Haden Reynolds
Finalists (top six students in event) and placing:
In Duo Interpretation: Taylor Mier & Jazmin Rodriguez - 5th place, Tori Lalonde & Del Gonzales - 4th place, Jacob Foster & Rashon Leday - CHAMPIONS
In Duet Acting: Damari Padilla & Armoni Louis -5th place, Jacob Foster & Rashon Leday 2nd place,  Tori Lalonde and Lane Bergeron- CHAMPIONS
In Program Oral Interpretation: Rashon Leday - 2nd place,  Taylor Mier - CHAMPION
In Original Oratory:  Amiah Richardson - 4th place,  Presley Nutter - CHAMPION
In Oral Interpretation: Jacob Foster - 4th place, Presley Nutter - 3rd place,  Jazmin Rodriguez - 2nd place
In Humorous Interpretation:  Taylor Mier - 6th place,  Rashon Leday - 5th place
In Dramatic Interpretation: Jacob Foster - 4th place