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J. Wallace James

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J.W. James Technology

Technology has the power to greatly enhance education. The Internet alone provides infinite useful online resources for educators and students. New technologies bring forth new types of literacy that students must acquire for information and communication demands and for effective use of modern technology (Boettcher, 2000). Technology integration is great for addressing these demands, since it often combines software with print, audio, and visuals for a rich variety of tools that can meet all of the students’ learning needs. Technology has the ability to promote higher-level thinking, collaboration, speed, and information evaluation (May, 2003).

The Louisiana K-12 Educational Technology Standards (2003) emphasize that students should use technology for communication, problem-solving, decision-making, productivity, and research tools (Louisiana Department of Education, 2003). This site will assist educators in accomplishing the successful use of technology in the classroom and will provide them with sample classroom practices and activities. Teachers will also be introduced to free educational online resources This site will hopefully provide strategies to integrate technology into the school-wide curriculum.

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