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LHS to participate in pre-pilot to test Public Transit to Public Schools (PT2PS).

In coordination with the Acadiana Planning Commission (APC) and Lafayette Transit System (LTS), LPSS announces that beginning Monday, April 16*, it will participate in a pre-pilot to test an alternative transportation program, Public Transit to Public Schools (PT2PS).

Through the pre-pilot of the PT2PS program, out-of-zone students who reside in north Lafayette and attend Lafayette High School will be able to utilize LTS to travel to and from school at no cost to the student. PT2PS also gives students and parents transportation to return home for those students who participate in after-school activities.

When it comes to transporting students, safety is a top priority. As such, LTS is offering all parents/guardians a free pass to personally experience the PT2PS program. Additionally, each LTS bus features Global Positioning System tracking, allowing students and parents to track their respective LTS bus.  Click Here or the link provided below to track your LTS bus.

LTS Bus Tracker

Google Maps to Lafayette High School

“How to Ride” BUS Pedestrian Safety Tips

Route 10 to Route 15

Route 50 to Route 15

Route 60 to Route 15

LTS Route 15

Free Parent Pass Certificate


Listed above are “How to Ride” instructions along with maps displaying which one of three bus routes is most convenient for you (Routes 10, 50 or 60).  It also shows Route 15 which will connect all students to and from Lafayette High School by making a quick change of buses at Rosa Parks Transportation Center. Note that there is always a City of Lafayette Police officer on duty at Rosa Parks during transit service hours.

The following information is also provided to inform and assist you in utilizing LTS for your child/children’s remaining school year.

Registration– Beginning Monday, April 9, out of zone students wishing to participate in PT2PS can sign-up and receive fare cards to utilize the LTS system from Mr. Sam Clay, at Lafayette High School, during official school hours. Students must show their school ID and insert a fare card into the fare box each time they board the bus. 

*Students can begin using the LTS system as soon as they receive their fare card instead of waiting for the official April 16 launch date.

Parent/Guardian Pass– Click here for a Free Parent Pass
Certificate. Parents can receive a free two-ride pass, by bringing the certificate to Mr. Sam Clay at Lafayette High, Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. When redeeming the certificate, parents can indicate the number of two-day passes they would like to receive.

Replacement Policy– Students who misplace their fare cards can pick up replacement fare cards from Mr. Sam Clay at Lafayette High School.

Behavior Policy– Students will be held to the same bus policies as if they were riding an LPSS school bus. Any inappropriate behavior could result in disciplinary action, including discontinued participation in the PT2PS program.

Please be aware that the PT2PS program is a voluntary program. Schools of Choice satellite buses will continue to operate normally throughout the pre-pilot.

The PT2PS pre-pilot will run through May 22, 2018. After that time, LPSS, APC and LTS will assess the pre-pilot for possible full pilot expansion and implementation for the 2018-2019 school year.

As always, LPSS is dedicated to ensuring each student is provided with safe and reliable transportation. For more information about the PT2PS program, including detailed route maps, please email Chief Administrative Officer, Joe Craig via or via phone at 337-521-7041.