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Lafayette Parish School Board Evaluates Superintendent Dr. Donald Aguillard

The Lafayette Parish School Board has completed its annual evaluation of Superintendent Dr. Donald Aguillard. The results of the evaluation were discussed with the Superintendent at the June 13th regular board meeting. Each board member scored the performance of the Superintendent on a scale from 0-4 in 8 separate domains consisting of 40 performance standards, each addressing a specific aspect of the superintendent’s job. A score of 2.0 or higher is considered successful performance. Anything below 2.0 indicates a performance in need of improvement, and scores above 2.0 indicate increasingly satisfactory and outstanding performance levels.

Dr. Aguillard was rated 2.5/4 on the first domain, Educational Program and Planning. In the Relationship with the Board domain, Dr. Aguillard was rated 2.7/4, and he was rated 2.2/4 points in the Personnel domain. Board members awarded him 2.8/4 in the Business and Financial Management domain. In the Community Relations domain, he was scored 3.0/4, and board members rated him a 2.8/4 in the Individual Characteristics domain. In the Job Related Characteristics domain, he was rated 2.9/4, and Dr. Aguillard was rated 2.4/4 in the Specific Performance Objectives domain. Overall, Dr. Aguillard’s score was a 2.65/4 rating that puts him in the “Above Average” category on the rubric used for the evaluation.

Dr. Aguillard offered sincere thanks for the support and cooperation provided by the Lafayette Parish School Board over the past three years. Both the Board and the Superintendent committed to working closely together during the 2018-19 school year to advance important facility, safety and academic initiatives.


2017-2018 Superintendent Evaluation Table

2018 Superintendent Evaluation Domains