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Louisiana School Finder Tool

The early childhood performance profiles and the K-12 school performance scores are reported this year through the new Louisiana School Finder, an interactive, comprehensive online reporting system. The Louisiana School Finder, unveiled today after more than a year of public discussion and planning, provides families with:

  • school performance scores and early childhood performance ratings to show how well schools and centers are preparing students for the next grade-level;
  • basic information about schools and centers such as their address, website, hours of operation, and principal or director's name; and
  • listings of course offerings, clubs, enrichment and extracurricular activities.

"The Louisiana School Finder will be a valuable tool available to parents, community members and those looking to locate information and data on success indicators on all schools," said Sonny Savoie, President of the Louisiana PTA. "This information will enable parents to make informed choices relative to the schools that will provide their children with the greatest opportunity for a successful education."

Louisiana is a leader in offering this breadth of school information to families, said Paige Kowalski, Executive Vice President of Data Quality Campaign, a national advocacy group focused on the effective use of data in education.

"Louisiana's redesigned report card is much more than a visual update," Kowalski said. "Through intentional stakeholder engagement and thoughtful consideration of what to report and how to report it, Louisiana has developed a resource that pushes beyond compliance to provide families with a fuller picture of school quality in their communities."

Click Here for the Louisiana School Finder Tool