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Lafayette Parish Opens E.J. Sam Accelerated School with More Than 200 Students

The E.J. Sam Accelerated School of Lafayette opened today. E.J. Sam is a nontraditional public school for students who are at least 15 years old and in the 7th grade or higher. It is designed to assist students to accelerate their learning and to graduate with a high school diploma. The school is designed to serve students who may be home-bound, home-schooled, or looking at options outside of the traditional school setting. This includes students who may be more than one year behind, working, caring for a child, or suffering from anxiety. The school offers smaller class sizes, individualized educational plans for graduation, accelerated and self-paced online curriculum, and nontraditional school hours. In partnership with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Edward J. Sam staff will work to identify and provide tiered supports to ensure students are afforded every possible opportunity for success. Counseling services, leadership and character education, and childcare are all provided.

The school currently serves approximately 200 students. It is located at the W. D. and Mary Baker Smith Career Center at 200 18th Street in Lafayette. This location gives students the opportunity to take career-aligned courses during the first session of the day while pursuing a high school diploma during the second session.

Principal Jody Duhon said “The staff of E. J. Sam are truly invested in the growth and success of our children in Lafayette Parish. We are committed to offering support and guidance to our students and parents as we work to help our kids experience their greatest potential and success. We are training to become a Leader in Me School, which will help us to focus on academics as well as the personal and social skills students need in any path they choose to pursue after graduating high school. We are eager to find creative methods and strategies to help our students who are Looking for a smaller, more personal environment in which to work.”

Seats are still available. Anyone interested in enrolling or in getting more information should visit the school’s website or contact the school at 337-521-7560.