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K-5 Consumables Funding

On March 8th, 2017, the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education approved the Louisiana Student Standards for Science. These standards open the door for students to approach science in a 21st Century learning environment. Teachers are challenged to use the three dimensional learning model providing meaningful experiences to K-12th grade students. Through the use of the three dimensional learning model, students receive hands-on experiences as they engage in the practices of science and create a more in-depth understanding of content extending to the world around them. Furthermore, these opportunities challenge students to think critically, increase higher order thinking skills, and prepare them to be career and college ready.

Providing hands-on experiences requires additional resources to ensure teachers have what they need for success. Lafayette Parish School Systems is pleased to announce the school board has approved $250 for each K-5th grade elementary science teacher to use on consumable resources for their students. The allocation demonstrates the district’s commitment to supporting teachers’ efforts to implement the new standards.