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Lafayette Parish School System to Receive Promethean’s New ActivWall

The Lafayette Parish School System has recently received and installed an ActivWall. The ActivWall is a 102 inch interactive whiteboard with a solid state HD LED projector. The ActivWall is the first production unit in the world. The software introduced with the product is called ClassFlow Connect. This technology will allow teachers to transform learning environments through wireless, collaborative learning anytime and anywhere. On Wednesday, November 4, executives from AXI and Promethean briefed the Technology Staff and Central Office Administration on the uses of the ActivWall along with ClassFlow Connect. Because Lafayette Parish has a strong partnership with Promethean, the company has chosen to adopt Lafayette Parish to assist with testing as they continue new product development. According to the current plan, 50 classrooms in 5 schools will be afforded the opportunity to make an even larger contribution in developing more interactive learning spaces by testing the new products.