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LPSS Superintendent Presents Vision 2020: Lafayette Parish School System’s Strategic Plan

At the regular board meeting on Wednesday evening, Lafayette Parish School Superintendent Dr. Donald Aguillard will introduce Vision 2020, a K-12 strategic plan which charts a course for the school system through the year 2020. Vision 2020 updates and builds upon The Turnaround Plan, originally developed in 2012. Both the original and Vision 2020 were developed in collaboration with the Lafayette community, and the success of the plan is dependent on maintaining and enriching those partnerships.

Vision 2020 is built around four fundamental commitments.

• All children enter kindergarten ready to learn.
• All children enter 4th grade on level in reading and math.
• All students enter 9th grade proficient in ELA and math.
• All high school graduates are college and career ready.

Each of the first three commitments represent a critical benchmark necessary for achieving the ultimate goal of ensuring that Lafayette Parish School system graduates are college and career ready.

Additionally, the plan identifies four areas of focus to ensure that each commitment is fulfilled. Within each, there is a set of specific, measurable goals along with a list of activities required to accomplish them. The first focus area seeks to ensure that decisions regarding curriculum, instruction, and assessment are driven by student performance data. The second focus falls under the umbrella of curriculum and instruction and is comprised of the following components: early childhood, K-12 curriculum and instruction, college and career readiness, and academic support. The third focus is centered on professional development and deepening teachers’ capacity to foster high student achievement with rigorous curriculum and pedagogy. The fourth focus area seeks to provide students with more integrated and authentic learning experiences using technology.

The document being presented to Board Members will remain in draft form until the Board has had an opportunity to review and comment. Even after its formal adoption, however, the plan is intended to be a living document. It will be updated and reviewed regularly by staff and community partners. Ultimately, Vision 2020 is the product of a shared vision between the school system and the community to ensure that high school graduates are ready for life beyond K-12 education, whether that be in the workforce or at a post-secondary institution.

The current draft of Vision 2020 may be accessed at