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Louisiana Department of Education Releases PARCC Test Results

The Louisiana Department of Education released PARCC test results for districts across the state on October 22. The PARCC test, administered last May, measures student performance in English Language Arts and math. In past years, the state’s accountability system has focused on awarding School Performance Points on a measure of “proficiency.” The latest report on the scores, however, provides a measure of “readiness,” showing district performance at the Mastery level and above. The shift signals the beginning of a gradual change in the accountability system to put more emphasis on “readiness” and less on “proficiency.”


According to the report, 37 percent of ELA and math students scored at Mastery or above on the PARCC test, putting Lafayette Parish 13th in the state on this measure of student readiness. While a very positive sign and evidence of the hard work of teachers and students, it is important to note that this ranking does not equate to a School Performance Score. There are several other factors in SPS calculations, including student achievement at or below the “proficiency” measure. The Department of Education will be releasing more detailed data in the coming weeks including individual student reports which will pinpoint individual strengths and weaknesses in student performance in order to help parents and teachers target skill gaps and provide enrichment.


According to measures of “proficiency” in another recently released report on PARCC performance

Lafayette Parish exceeded statewide performance in the following areas:

•    Grade 3 math

•    Grade 4 math, science, and social studies

•    Grade 5 ELA, math, and science

•    Grade 6 math

•    Grade 7 ELA, math, science, and social studies

•    Grade 8 ELA and math


Lafayette tied statewide performance in four areas:

•    Grade 4 ELA

•    Grade 6 science and social studies

•    Grade 8 science


Based upon raw performance data on PARCC, the BESE adopted “cut scores” (the scaled score on the PARCC test corresponding to the transition point between one performance level and the next) clearly acknowledge the increased rigor of the PARCC test. It is also important to note that student performance on the 2015 PARCC test cannot be compared with past student performance as it is a completely new test and sets a new baseline for student achievement in the state.


Superintendent Dr. Donald Aguillard praised the hard work of the students and teachers in the district, noting that “as more detailed data is released by the state, our teachers and students can

zero in on areas of student weakness, capitalize on student strengths, and move forward toward even greater gains in the future.”