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L Leo Judice

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L. Leo Judice Elementary
Counselor's Corner

Counselor:  Ronette Bourque, MS, PLPC

The counseling department at L. Leo Judice Elementary offers a comprehensive counseling program available to each and every student. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns at (337)521-7710, send me a note with your child, or via email:

Each month lessons are taught in classrooms that focus on academic, career, or social skills, and character development.

Along with classroom lessons, the counseling department also offers small groups on emotional regulation, changing families, making good choices, grief, self-esteem, and social skills.  Groups are offered in the fall and spring and run for 6-8 weeks.  Groups meet once a week for about 30 minutes.

Individual counseling is available and may be requested at any time.  Teachers and students are given request forms, and parents/guardians may send requests via paper, email, or phone.


Homework can be frustrating for parents and children, so here are a few helpful hints:

1.   Create a calm, quiet place for your child to concentrate. If the kitchen is a busy place, then the kitchen table may not be the best choice.
2.  Have a flat, clean surface for your child to work with room for them to spread out their books and  materials.
3.  Keep homework at the same time of day, every day to establish a routine.

4. Provide the materials that are needed to complete assignments, Pencils, erasers, crayons, ruler, etc.
5.  All for short breaks in between assignments.
6.  Check over your child's homework. They don't have to have every single thing right, but they need to make sure a true attempt at the assignment was given

Parent Resources

The school counseling office offers a variety of free parenting materials that contain information on effective parenting strategies.  We also have contact information for community agencies that may be helpful.
Here is a list of titles of parent information booklets we have in the counselor’s office.  You may request one at any time to send home with students to parents.

Build Responsibility in Children
Build Children’s Self-Esteem
Critical Thinking
Expressing Ideas in Speech and Writing
Getting Along with Child
Help Children Learn Using Time Wisely
Listening Well and Following Directions
Motivating Children
Motivating to Success
Problem Solving
Raising Responsible Children
Reading for Meaning
Reading with Children
Talk and Listen to Children
Teach Smart Choices
When Your Child’s Afraid
Working With Others

Videos you can check out
Help Prevent Bullying
School Success Starts at Home
Ready, Set, Kindergarten!
It’s Never Too Late to Get Involved
Parents Can Help Children Learn
Parents Can Read with Children
Successful Parenting: The Basics
Successful Parenting:  Taming the Homework Monster


Additionally here are some websites with specific subjects you may find useful.

Kindergarten Readiness

Back to School Readiness Checklist

Back to School Transitions


Anxiety in Children

Learning and Disability Website

Parent and Family Engagement