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Charles M. Burke

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                                                     What is Title I?

Title 1 is the nation’s largest federal assistance program for schools.  The goal is

 to provide a high quality education for every child.  Funding comes from the

Federal Government to the State Educational Agency who must submit a plan and

indicate the number of families below a set income and the funding then goes to the

local school district who must, in turn, do the same but at the local level.  The amount

of Title 1 funding schools get is based on the number of students that receive free

 or reduced lunch in the school.


Schools are indentified as either:  Title 1 School Wide – 40% or above of all students

receive free or reduced lunch.  This indicates that all students in the school can

receive services or supplies.  Title 1 Target Assisted – below 40% receiving free or

reduced lunch; this indicates that only eligible students can receive assistance to

meet performance standards.


Title 1 funds can provide teachers to lower class size, provide tutors and/or teacher

assistants, provide resources such as computers or materials of instruction, or provide

professional development for staff and parents.


“No Child Left Behind” looks at sub-groups to determine a schools academic

performance and progress; these sub-groups include:  ethnicity, sex, income, and

special needs.


Standardized tests are designed to see how well a student is learning in comparison

with other students who are in the same grade.


State Standardized Test – LEAP & GEE                                                                                                            

National Standardized Test – IOWA & CAT


“No Child Left Behind” – More parental involvement is one of the goals of the law. 

The premise is schools must provide more information to parents to actively engage

them in the academic process and increase their support of schools; this, in turn,

increases student achievement.  One percent of the total funds schools receive from

Title 1 are dedicated to Parental Involvement.  The money can be used to provide: 

workshops, seminars and trainings, and conferences for parents.


Complaint Procedure – If a parent is not satisfied with the services Title 1 is providing,

they may file a complaint with the Louisiana Department of Education.  A web site

address is available to parents which includes procedures to log in complaints,