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Principal’s Message

I am honored to serve as the principal of Lafayette Middle School. This is my second here at LMS, and it is a privilege to work with this fine group of young people. A student’s time in middle school is critical to who he or she becomes as an adult. This is when the transformation happens from childhood to young adulthood and the habits that students develop in middle school are almost always the habits they will have for life. Our students here at LMS are curious, caring, and proud to share their accomplishments!

Our vision at LMS is to have a positive culture, respectful students, involved community, devoted faculty and exceeding expectations. We will make this vision a reality by making sure that our students are working hard, being kind to one another, and getting involved in our school community. Our students have amazing talents in art, music, athletics, the spoken word, math, leadership, and environmental awareness.

We have an extremely dedicated staff who are here because they love our students. They go above and beyond to make sure that our students have what they need to succeed, here in middle school and beyond: in high school, college/university, the workforce. They are committed to helping transform the culture into one where they can hold ALL students to the highest academic and behavior expectations!

We are in the midst of transforming LMS into a PRIDE of lions, where all of our stakeholders can be proud of what is happening here. We are thrilled to announce that LMS had outstanding growth from the 2015-16 school year. Our School Performance Score great by 7.4 points. Additionally, we have seen significant improvements in behavior over the past couple years. Compared with two years ago, we have reduced major discipline incidents by over 50%.

We are proud to have the Environmental Science Academy School of Choice as part of the LMS community. Our E-Science students have incredible hands-on learning opportunities here at school (performing experiments around our pond, handling our 20+ animals, cultivating our gardens) and on numerous exciting field trips to do service learning or just to camp-out!

I love working here at LMS and look forward to getting to know each student who comes here. We hope that our new website serves as a great resource to our current (& future!) students and their families.

With #LMSPride,
Allison El Koubi