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A student must be a high school junior or senior to apply for admission. A third year high school student classified as a sophomore may apply for admission pending the Career Center principal’s approval. Applications are completed at the home schools during the regular scheduling sessions. Several of the programs require an interview during the summer months. A record of regular school attendance and good discipline are major factors in a student being accepted into a program.



Students can take one course in the morning or afternoon session at the Career Center for either two or three credits. A student on a two hour schedule will rotate out of their Career/Tech class to take a core or elective course. The two hour schedule gives them two credits for Career/Tech class and one credit for the core or elective class. A student on a three hour schedule will remain in the Career/Tech class for the full three hours. The district provides free bus transportation from the home school campus to the Career Center for the regular scheduled classes that begin at 7:40 a.m. and 11:05 a.m. (Business students must provide their own transportation for the class as well as work.)

Phone: 337-521-7570
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