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Duson Elementary and our stakeholders share the following vision…

We believe that:

- All Students can learn and grow.

- A Collaborative effort among students, parents, and teachers is necessary to ensure academic achievement and social development.

- Each student is special and has unique educational and social needs.

- Maintaining a quality instructional program that sets high expectations, monitors student progress, evaluates student achievement, and provides for re-teaching/ and remediation is imperative for student growth.

- Engaging students to apply higher-order thinking skills and problem-solving strategies produces lifelong learners.

- Committing to helping students develop a sense of pride, character, self discipline, a positive attitude and a healthy concept benefits the entire school community.



Duson Elementary Mission Statement,

Duson TIGERS: Together Individuals Grow and Lead so Everyone Reaches Success



Duson Tigers ROAR: Respect, On Task , Act Safely, Responsibly