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Youngsville, LA

Lafayette Parish School System


Darrel W. Comb, Principal


School Mission Statement:    Youngsville Middle School

                                       Passion for Learning

                                            Commitment to Growth

                                             Dedication to the Future

School Vision Statement:

As we look toward the future,

the members of the Youngsville Middle School family are

Dedicated to working together to better ourselves and the people around us

Responsible for our actions and the choices that we make

Achieving to the best of our ability and willing to do what is necessary to succeed

Giving back to our community and working to become better citizens

Open to new ideas and willing to accept people’s differences

Never giving up on ourselves and willing to maintain a positive attitude

Striving to be the best that we can be

Youngsville Middle School is located in the rapidly growing community of Youngsville.  The school consists of grades 5, 6, 7, and 8 with an overall population of 843 students.  The school offers extracurricular activities such as football, basketball, volleyball, track, soccer, cheerleading, FCCLA, 4-H, BETA, Journalism, Student Council, Library Club, and Drama Club. Youngsville Middle School also offers students the opportunity to participate in band, chorus, wood shop, French, and computer literacy through electives.  The school plays an important role in the community.  It is the center for local GED classes and local youth sporting events.  Youngsville Middle also has an active PBIS committee. 

The faculty and staff of Youngsville Middle School have developed a parental involvement policy.  This parental involvement policy will be placed on our school web page and updated as necessary.

The school will hold its first PTC meeting within the first month of school.  During this meeting, upcoming events, fundraisers, and opportunities for involvement will be discussed.  An introduction to any new programs on campus will be given.  A review of the current budget will be presented, and goals will be stated for the year. 

The school will encourage parents to become involved in the planning of school improvement programs, and other school activities and organizations.  Parents are encouraged to participate in Youngsville Middle School PTC and various parent committees.  The PTC will meet bi-monthly, and the PTC officers and other special parent committees, such as fund raising, will meet as deemed necessary.

Information concerning Louisiana State Assessments and Common Core Curriculum, benchmarks, and grade level expectations can be found on our school website through the link to the Louisiana Department of Education website.  Information on state assessment results is sent home to parents as the school receives the information from the district or the state department. 

Communication between teachers and parents is fostered through frequent progress reports to parents. All memos and papers are sent home on Tuesdays.  Parents can also access their child’s grades and attendance via WebPams on a daily basis. Progress reports are sent home at the mid-nine weeks, and report cards are sent home every nine weeks.  Youngsville Middle also provides opportunities for parents to meet with staff, and to volunteer and participate in their child’s classes, organizations, and sporting activities.  Parents are encouraged to attend Open House to meet each of their child’s teachers.  Teachers and parents of Youngsville Middle communicate regularly with each other using school planners, notes, phone calls, email,, WebPams and conferences. The English Language Arts program at Youngsville Middle plans TIPS (Teachers Involving Parents) activities throughout the year.  The school has also invested in the Accelerated Reader Renaissance Program which provides instant access and email reports for parents to monitor progress. 

During the 2012-2013 school term, students and their families will be invited to participate in several Parental Involvement activities with their children.  The English Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies departments will be hosting several Family Nights. 

The school, to the extent practical, will provide opportunities for the participation of parents with limited English proficiency, disabilities, and migrant families.  When possible, the school will use the available services of the school system’s ESL department, special education department, and Homeless Program.  Parents who are unable to attend meetings will receive information related to school and parent programs, meetings, and other activities sent home via students, PACE calls, mail, email, phone calls, monthly calendar, and handouts.  Our school website is also updated with important information such as upcoming meetings and Youngsville Middle School events.   Our PTC has also created a Facebook page to help with keeping our parents informed of upcoming events.  We also have a television that is in our lobby that displays upcoming events and important information for our school.

Youngsville Middle School recognizes the importance of strong family and community relations.  Teachers and staff are encouraged to reach out to parents in an effort to give parents the opportunity to participate in school functions.  A letter is sent at the beginning of the year asking parents if they can volunteer time at Youngsville Middle School.  Our school-community liaison is also responsible for reaching out to our Partners in Education as well as other organizations and businesses in our area. 

High student achievement is of utmost importance to Youngsville Middle School.  The faculty, staff, parents, and students of Youngsville Middle School recognize that it is a joint effort between all parties involved.  A home-school compact has been developed, evaluated, and revised and is sent out at the beginning of the school year.  The home-school compact states the expectations and responsibilities of all involved in maintaining high academic achievement.  Academic conferences can be scheduled through our Health and Wellness Team at midterm with parents of students who are at risk of being retained.

The school will provide parents with the opportunity to express concerns or give comments regarding the school’s plan using surveys, dialogue with staff, and through PTC meetings.


The following people participated in forming and evaluating this policy.


Cayce C. Booher, Asst. Principal

Chantel Danos, Parent

Melinda Wallace, Teacher                             

Michelle Marcotte,    Parent

Adrienne Kimball, School Counselor

Sharon Eure, SPED Teacher

Josie Abington, SIP Representative/Teacher

Elizabeth Dorsey, Teacer                                             

Darrel W. Comb, Principal