Foreign Language Immersion Boudreaux
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World Languages/ESL/Immersion

Tia LeBrun

World Language Specialist
(337) 521-7127


English as a Second Language   |   Contact Us

3 Elementary sites:
  • Ridge
  • Broadmoor
  • Carencro Heights
2 Middle School sites:
  • Judice
  • EAM
1 High School site:
  • LHS

The goal is rapid acquisition of the English language

  • Students are tested upon arrival Students are mainstreamed as soon as possible and monitored
  • Students receive support in English language acquisition
  • Students testing at necessary fluency level exit the program
  • Language services offered to parents
  • Spanish, Chinese, or French speakers may be eligible for the  immersion pathway


Contact Us:

ESL Coordinator: Janie Ellison
ESL Curriculum:   Monica Perez     

The Lerosen Elementary Building
Lafayette, LA 70501
516 E. Pinhook Rd

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Phone: (337) 521-7130

World Languages  |   Contact Nicole Boudreaux
  • 4th through 12 grade (including AP and Dual Enrollment)
  • French, Spanish, Japanese
  • Face-to-face or online instruction

The goal is additive bilingualism

  • 30 to 50 minute daily periods
  • Communicative approach
  • Alternative to remediation in elementary
  • Elective in high school
  • High school credit exams in 8th grade
  • AP and Honors courses available in high school


Language Immersion Pathways

Housed at Paul Breaux Middle School


2014 Immersion Articulation Chart

Five elementary schools:

  • Prairie (French)
  • Evangeline (French)
  • Myrtle Place (French)
  • Boucher WLA (Spanish)
  • Plantation (Chinese)

One middle school:

  • Paul Breaux WLA (French, Spanish)
  • One high school:
  • LHS

One high school:

  • LHS



Three Goals:

  • High level of additive bilingualism
  • Academic achievement
  • Global competency


2014 Pathway Report Card Per School



  • 60%  of instructional day in target language
  • One-way immersion (French and Chinese)
  • Two-way immersion (Spanish)
  • Language and content classes in high school (French III - VI + Dual enrollment at ULL
  • French and Spanish credit and placement exams in 7th and 8th  grade
  • DELF diplomas
  • Foreign Associate and Guest Teachers