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How does one become a student at Lafayette Charter High School?


  • Students interested in applying to attend Lafayette Charter High School must be currently enrolled in a Lafayette Parish public high school and must be willing and able to attend school all year.  Clik here to view the 2011-2012 school calendar.  Be reminded that LCHS student are not in attendance on the days that are indicated as district holidays.
  • Students may apply in any month except the month of state testing.  Application packets are typically handed out the third week of the month (call to find out exact dates)
  • Completed packets are due no later than the last Thursday of each month 
  • Applications are reviewed and parents are notified with the status of the student application (accepted/declined)
  • Applicants are evaluated on
      • Attendance
      • Grades
      • Standardized test scores
      • Age vs. credits
      • Discipline
  • Students whose behavior required expulsion by state and local statutes and policies are not eligible to apply to attend Lafayette Charter High School.
  • Students attending Adult Education Program are NOT eligible.  Students who elect to withdraw form Charter High will not be eligible for re-enrollment.