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Teacher:  Laure Warner

Bonjour!     Bonjour!     Bonjour!     Bonjour!


From Boudreaux to Bonaparte

Fourth grade offers students several new opportunities to grow in a positive learning environment.  One of these is the introduction to foreign language study.  As mandated by the state of Louisiana, students who qualify receive 30 minutes of foreign language instruction per day. 

Learning takes place in a fun, friendly, and, of course, French environment.  Students learn to read, write, and speak French at a basic and age-appropriate level in a context that helps them to understand how it relates to their other subjects.  We cover everything from au revoir to zydeco

Picture French like a big pot of gumbo with a little pinch of each of these:

  • music                (from Frere Jacques to Jolie Blonde)
  • art                     (from Mona Lisa to the Blue Dog)
  • history              (from Napoleon to Peppy la Pue)
  • geography         (from Paris to Baton Rouge)
  • math                 (from c'est tout to two plus two)
  • current events   (from the Tour de France to Katrina)

And yes, even a bit of science, spelling, and P.E.!

Students learn that language and culture go hand in hand.  They develop a respect and tolerance as they come to understand cultural differences.  At the same time, they deepen their knowledge and appreciation of local Cajun and Creole French heritages.

We learn beaucoup and we play, too!

We try really hard, we never "let go of that potato," and we certainly believe in "Laissez les bons temps rouler!"

Au Revoir!



Teacher:  Jessica Wiltz



Physical Education

Teachers:  Mindy Burford & Maggie LeBas

Assistants:  Danette Latiolais & Linda Mitchell 

The Physical Education classes focus on all aspects of learning: 

  • physical
  • emotional
  • social
  • & cognitive

Our program develops all the skills related to physical fitness:

  • agility
  • balance
  • coordination
  • power
  • speed
  • flexibility
  • and cardiovascular fitness

The children work on locomotor skills:

       walking            running      
       skipping     galloping
       leaping     hopping
       sliding     jumping

The different activities vary with different grade levels:

  • Kindergarten & 1st grade may do parachute activities
  • 2nd - 4th grade may play football games

Throughout the year, we do fun activities and work on improving the student's physical fitness levels. 

Science Lab

Teacher:  Susan Yerino

The Science Lab is an active learning environment where children explore scientific concepts.  Each student at Woodvale has a weekly lab session where they are given hands-on work related to their classroom studies. 

We study:

  • physical science
  • life science
  • earth & space
  • energy
  • environment
  • & science as inquiry

Activities are varied:

  • Kindergarten may dig for fossils or recycle paper
  • 1st grade may measure gummy worms or raise tadpoles
  • 2nd grade may launch alka-seltzer rockets to work with variables or work with cars and ramps
  • 3rd grade may make a "mummy" carrot or cook in a manila file folder solar oven
  • 4rd grade may build a kaleidoscope or make a battery-powered car.  Whatever we are studying, we use hands-on science!

Visual & Hearing Impaired Classes

Teachers:  Anna Wagar

The program for the visually impaired provides services for students who are blind or partially sighted.  Students come throughout Lafayette Parish, as well as, Vermilion Parish, St. Martin Parish and Acadia Parish. 

When necessary, students are taught Braille using a curriculum developed specifically for the blind.  Partially sighted students utilize large print material.

Blind and partially sighted students are mainstreamed into regular classes.  The teachers of the visually impaired make the necessary modifications needed to compensate for their loss of vision.