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Principal's Welcome

Annette Rath, Principal

Welcome to Carencro High School’s website. Carencro High School is a Professional Learning Community of students, parents, staff, and community members, dedicated to helping every learner acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential to personal development.

Our mission statement is concise: Carencro High School’s professional learning community will focus on educating all children. Carencro High School is one of five public high schools in Lafayette Parish. The average enrollment is over 1400 students with 89 faculty members. The school’s instructional hours are 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. daily. Our bell schedule for 2004 – 05 will follow a 4 x 8 format, four classes on an “A” day followed the next day with four different classes on the “B” day. Students will pursue eight units of credit ranging from supportive, remedial classes to Advanced Placement courses. Every child has the opportunity to follow the T.O.P.S. curriculum.

Carencro High School is involved with an instructional program called Project LiFT, which provides students with an instructional focus to provide enrichment in higher level thinking skills as related to the content area. As a Title I school, remedial assistance is offered four days a week through tutoring for English, math, science, and social studies; LEAP 21 and GEE 21 remediation is offered two days a week; and numerous study skills and dynamic of effective study courses are offered throughout the year. Regardless of a student’s needs, Carencro High School ’s staff will work diligently to foster growth and academic excellence.

Our school’s 2004 - 2005 motto, “Changing Our School’s Culture,” serves as our focus to support collaborative discussions regarding the link between student achievement, academic programs, and instructional strategies. Carencro High School is working to incorporate teaching practices that improve students’ reading and writing capabilities; foster the development of a “school within a school” with the inaugural of the Academy of Information Technology; the development of a Freshman Academy to support the transition from middle to high school; and changing instructional strategies to implement block scheduling.

Carencro High School is a school of choice that offers an Academy of Information Technology (AOIT). The Academy will open to all high school students in Lafayette Parish regardless of attendance zone beginning the 2004 – 05 school year. Students enrolling in grades 9 and 10 may complete an application online at:  (during the application period in the spring. The AOIT focus is to: introduce students to the many career opportunities in today’s digital workforces; equip students with the personal, analytical, and technical skills necessary to be successful in today’s job market; provide a new context for learning through building motivation, confidence, and a sense of personal worth.

The following information will give the reader a better understanding of what Carencro High School has to offer. Please click on any of the following titles of interest to gain more information.

I welcome you to Carencro High School, home of the Cro Bears!

Annette Rath, Principal