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Welcome  to Our Information Section for Retired Employees!

Retired employees of the Lafayette Parish School System enjoy many of the same benefits as our active employees throughout their lives as long as they pay their share of the premiums.  We have prepared an information booklet for our newly retired employees and for those planning retirement.  Please read through this publication for answers to the most frequently-asked questions about insurance coverage for retirees.

Retirees are eligible to participate in health insurance, life insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, and long-term care insurance. 

Retirees who are enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B also have an opportunity that no other employees have: they may choose to enroll in Humana's private Fee-For-Service health plan instead of enrolling in the LPSS plan.  The advantages to joining Humana's plan include lower premiums and more benefits.  For more information, click on the links below.

      Read an overview of the Humana plan.

      Review Humana's Schedule of Benefits and Prescription Drug Schedule .

         Read about the Humana PPO network .

      Read about the Silver Sneakers program, which offers free health club memberships to Humana plan members.

      Compare the monthly premiums (rates apply only to retirees and their spouses who are enrolled in Medicare Parts A & B):


 LPSS Plan
 Humana Plan


Retiree only


$87 $0
Retiree + spouse

Retiree + spouse (both LPSS employees)



Do you want to know more about the Humana plan?  If so, call us at 337-521-7066.


Important "Creditable Coverage" Notice for retirees: "Your Prescription Drug Coverage and Medicare"


Retiree Wellness Incentive for 2016

We are continuing our incentive program for retirees who are not on Medicare.  Retirees and their covered spouses who are not on Medicare who earn 100 wellness points between January 1 and December 15, 2016, will earn a $250 reduction of their individual deductibles for 2017.  This means you can count any activities in which you participated from the beginning of 2016.  The steps to achieve your lower deductible in 2017 are listed below.


1. Print the instruction sheet .  

2. Follow the directions on the instruction sheet to log on to the employee wellness portal .

3. Complete the online health assessment.

4. Participate in the Retiree Health Fair on [TBA] and complete your wellness screening.  The Health Fair will be held 7:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. in the Board Room of the Lafayette Parish School Board's Central Office, 113 Chaplin Drive, Lafayette.  If you cannot attend the Health Fair, a check-up with your primary care physician counts!

5. Complete other wellness activities listed on the instruction sheet, and document it on the wellness portal.

6.  Make sure you log all of your wellness activities on-line as instructed.